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Anna’s and Thomas’ bandmate was not supposed to die. And Anna was not supposed to kiss Thomas in the aftermath. Nor was she supposed to leave everything and move to Berlin. And Thomas was most certainly not supposed to just show up in Berlin one day, when she’s gotten a new life and moved on from him. But music has its own way.

A thousand hours is about Anna, musician from Copenhagen, her music dreams and her search for love - and herself. The film is a romantic drama and a music film with newly written music by up n coming Scandinavian artists. It takes place in Berlin and Copenhagen and is shot in Copenhagen, Berlin & Malmö.


Since I first started putting images and sound together, in my first film experiments, the combination of images and music have been the most thrilling part of filmmaking for me. Actually, thrilling is an understatement. It’s the most profound of artistic experiences. A feeling of being able to go beyond words to tell your story. In light of that it feels natural that my first feature fiction film is about music and musicans and the role that music can play in our lives. And how it can tell the story of our lives. To make a film where story, imagery and music feed of each other is my aim with A Thousand Hours.



Jesper Lohmann as Anna's father - Hanne Hedelund as Thomas' mother

Lea Harder as Maggy - Mark Viggo Krogsgaard as Morten - Karim Theilgaard as Jonathan

Mike Gamble as Mike - Linnea Samia Khalil as Nathalie - Ildiko Preszley as Carla

Mikkel Haagerup Lund as Janus - Javier Manik as Javier - Nina Voit as Simone




Josua is a Swedish DoP examined from The National Swedish Film School in 2018. His short film work has been nominated for the Cannes short film prize and the Startsladden price (Scandinavia’s biggest).


Gabriel is a Swedish composer mainly known in the arab world for his involvement in the popular band Tarabband. 'A thousand hours' is Gabriel’s first feature work.


Gaetan Golembiewski is a French mastering engineer with a long experience in the music industry. Today Gaetan works from Sweden and during the last decade he has also moved into post production of film sound.


Michael is an Australian colorist based in Malmö, Sweden. After several years at Way Creative and a long experience in both documentaries and fiction he has now started his own company.

ALINA RYBECK - Line producer

Alina Rybeck is a Ukrainian producer, fad and production manager based in Stockholm, Sweden. Alina has a long experience in production, working in both commercials and fiction in both Sweden and Ukraine.

JONATHON PERRY - Set Designer 2019

Jonathon Perry is a Canadian set designer with a background mainly in theater. After some time in Copenhagen Jonathon is now back working in Sakatoon, Canada. Jonathon worked as a set desginer on the Copenhagen/Malmö for Berlin-scenes in 'A thousand hours'.

YEHYA BRESHE - Sound Technichian

Yehya Breshe is a Syrian Sound technichian and sound mixer now based in Malmö, Sweden.

LINA AXERUP - Makeup -Artist 2019

Lina Axerup worked as a makeup-artist on the scenes that take place in Berlin. She is based in Skåne, Sweden where she runs the company Hair & Makeup by Axerup.


TOM DEANE - Sound editor, Sound mixer

Tom Deane has vast experience in sound post and runs the Swedish company Brickhouse Post in Hässleholm, Sweden. Being English, orginally, Tom mostly works with Brittish productions but since a decade back he also works with Swedish clients.

SILAS BIERIMusic Recording and Mix, Foley, ADR

Silas is a sound designer and engineer, creating sounds for the creative industries, performing arts, film and music from all over the world. He is founder and owner of In-discourse Studios in Malmö Sweden, where some scenes and many sounds for the 'A thousand hours' have been created.

BENNY PERSSON - Sound editor, Sound mixer

Benny now runs his sound post company Junijuli after many years at Way Creative, Malmö. 


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